Saturday, June 5, 2010

School Visit Recap

So, the school visits are over! I had an overall good response from the kids, better rapport with kids and teachers since I know so many of them. A few points to remember for next year....
  • I need to work on better communication with the school librarians and teachers. I found out many of them didn't know about our institutional cards and it was one of them who suggested I tell teachers about the new adult summer reading program. Glad somebody was paying attention! I did give out teacher letters and hope to get more school visits next year. I've already gotten responses from a third grade teacher and several kindergarten groups.
  • I need to be prepared for 7th/8th graders at parochial schools! Sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't. Better safe than sorry.
  • I had an easier time when I did my booktalks because I organized my massive canvas bags better. I also brought more easy readers and beginning chapter books.
  • I didn't have any "gimmicks." In past years I brought sample prizes, did a sort of little opening skit or had booktalks that matched the summer theme. This year I just brought tons of new books and everyone loved it! So, gimmicks aren't necessary, although they can be fun.
  • I distribute posters to all the libraries - I need to bring them earlier and put the library name and SRP info on them.
  • I did my visits later in the year - last week of May and first week of June. This works much better all around, although I think I might need to end spring programs a little earlier. Those two weeks melt away so fast, especially if I have school visits.
  • I'm hoping to visit some daycares next year and maybe preschools!
  • Why, why, why do I run out of bookmarks no matter how carefully I count? I think because I have them rubber-banded in packs of 25 the teachers just scoop up a packet. So, I need to remember next year to count the number of classes and not the number of kids.

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