Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Storywagon

Every summer, we have what our library consortium calls "Storywagon" where a number of performers are hired through the Lakeshores system, funded by a grant, and visit each library. I'm not going to talk about the actual performance, since I don't have any input on who we hire it's kinda irrelevent whether or not it was successful (we do put in evaluations). What I did this year was make some structural changes. First, we kept the prizes and SRP materials at the reference desk instead of bringing them out into the lobby. I had volunteers to take care of this last year, but my volunteers this year weren't available at the right time. Plus, I was getting antsy about people getting prizes and going to the program without setting foot in the library (our community room/large program room is across the fairly large lobby). I had one of my aides hang around to help with the prize-giving, but since it's sporadic she didn't have anything to do. Otherwise, it worked well and I'll try to have a project she can do next Tuesday.

We moved the performer into the center of the room, so we could fill attendees in on both sides instead of from back to front. The room is a long rectangle, so this worked very well. We had a large group of preschoolers from a local daycare, also a new thing, and they were very well-behaved and supervised and everyone had a great time.

We had about 115 attendees for this program and the new changes were, I think, successful!

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