Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up by Jim LaMarche

A small boy is deeply hurt by his father's refusal to allow him to help on their fishing boat - and his older brother's nasty teasing. But one day he discovers he has a special ability. Much practice and patience hone his magical ability and when it matters most he shows his dad he's not too small to help.

LaMarch's luminous illustrations shine with the warmth of Daniel's passion to help and the delight in his new and strange ability. Every small detail of the house and sea is perfectly integrated into the story and the setting. Children who are tired of being told they're "too small" will revel in the simple but satisfying conclusion.

Verdict. Gorgeous illustrations, but the text is a little too long for what I'm buying right now. We have LaMarche's Lost and Found (dog stories) and they're much more popular than this would be at our library. Another time maybe.

ISBN: 0811844455; Published July 2006 by Chronicle (out of print); Borrowed from the library

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