Thursday, June 3, 2010

Would You Pleeease Use Your Library Card?

Argh! They're doing it again! Someone - or several someones - have decided it's easier to steal books from the teen area and then sneak them back rather than, you know, check them out. Maybe they have a blocked card because of fines, maybe they don't have a card, I don't know. But this time they took off with Holly Black's Poison Eaters and one of my Schreiber Vampire Kisses graphic novels. Now the Schreiber - I've actually got 2 copies of that, so oh well. Same thing for Speak - I bought an extra copy in advance. But my new Holly Black? It's still shiny! Or it was. Grr. They better bring it back when they're done with it. I don't care about the Safe Sex 101....I don't think that has actually checked out at all, it just disappears and comes back again on a regular basis. But it's soooo aggravating to not be able to find stuff when there's a hold or someone wants it. And I got through a lot of angst, wondering if it's really gone for good or it's coming back this time. Sigh. Rant over.

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Charlotte said...

that is stinky. I hope it comes back.