Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Library Programs: A Dilemma

Programs immediately after holidays are HARD. Our summer storywagons don't come the Tuesday after July 4th, which leaves a gap. The first summer, I did a program by myself. We will draw a veil over that program, although I did have about 50 people come. Last year, I had a henna program. We only had 15 people, but that was about as many as I'd expected. This year, our local clogging group, The Walworth County Cloggers, volunteered their time to come and do a demonstration and teach some basic steps. Unfortunately, we had more cloggers than audience. In fact, all but two of the audience was families of the cloggers who had ferried them over.

Argh! This might have been worse because we were closed on Monday. We had HUGE storytimes Tuesday morning, and then nothing until around 3 (right after the cloggers were here of course).

How do you handle after-holiday down days at your library?

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