Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dotty Blog Tour, coming up!

Heads up folks, I am doing my first blog tour ever! Celebrating Erica Perl and Julia Denos' delightful picture book collaboration, Dotty. And we get to give away a copy of Dotty, which is another fun first for me! My stop on the blog tour will be up on September 3rd, meanwhile check out the other stops coming up...

8/30 The Happy Nappy Bookseller
9/1 Alison's Book Marks
9/2 A Patchwork of Books
9/3 Me!!
9/4 Pragmatic Mom
9/7 Links to Literacy
9/8 The Book Bag Blog
9/9 The Hiding Spot
9/10 Bookmark, The First Book Blog

So, I can see you eyeing me askance. Exactly why, you ask, am I doing a blog tour, something I have never done, for this particular book? Well, first of all...because they asked. I am always pleased to be asked, especially if someone takes the time to actually look at my blog. I can tell whether or not they've looked, because the ones who haven't call me Jean. Heh heh heh. Secondly, my library kids really liked Chicken Butt. I wasn't going to get it, because last year was such a huge year for the rear end picturebooks and I felt I had bought all that our library required, but several kids - and parents, and teachers - specifically begged for it. I liked Erica Perl's other picturebooks, Chicken Bedtime and Ninety-Three well enough, although I certainly think her writing craft has made huge strides forward in Dotty - it's a beautifully written, funny, and charming book, attractive to both children and parents. I recently read her young adult novel, Vintage Veronica, although I don't review young adult so you didn't see it here.

Really, in the interests of complete honesty, I originally agreed because I am deeply in love with Julia Denos' artwork. I even reviewed a celebrity picturebook for her, which shows the depth of my devotion. I said then I hoped she'd have the chance to illustrate a better book - and Dotty is definitely it! Did you know she's going to do new covers for the Casson family books? *Swoon*. Then, when I saw the topics of the blog tour, I perked up even more. I'm really interested in finding out what Ms. Perl has to say on my chosen topic. You will have to wait until the 3rd to find out what it is - and I'm going to make it part of the book giveaway as well! I was reading Vintage Veronica at the same time I was asked, and I became very interested in Erica Perl's ideas as an author.

So....that's the long, rambling story of why I said yes. I am very pleased to be trying something new, with an author that's definitely growing on me and an illustrator I am completely delighted with, and I've always wanted to give away a book on my blog!


CoffeeShopBloggers said...

Yay! My kids loved this book too!

Pragmatic Mom

Brimful Curiosities said...

I read about Dotty as I was preparing a post about new back to school books a couple weeks ago. My daughter is starting school this year but she doesn't have an imaginary friend (never has), so I'm wondering what she would think of this book. Would it make her feel like she should have an imaginary friend?

Jennifer said...

I don't think so - I never had one as a child, but still enjoyed books about them. It's more about imagination and creativity, and learning to keep those things while still getting along with others than about imaginary friends per say. Each child in class has an imaginary friend and they grow out of it as the year progresses; except Ida's Dotty. I think as a "new to school" book it's also about how kids grow up at different rates and it's ok to keep some favorite things from your childhood, even if others tease you.