Sunday, August 1, 2010

How are we doing? The summer so far

Well, summer reading is OVER! I am exhausted but I think it went well. Of course, there are always myriads of things I want to fix for next year....and I'll be starting on some of those now, since I don't have programs until September 13th! So, what am I doing at the library now and what can you expect to see on the blog?

  • On the blog, as soon as I've finished it, I'll be posting my summer reading report on the blog in sections. In case you're interested. It's generally a statistics part and a "look how well we did" part, which goes to our donors and community partners, and an evaluation and "I'm going to change this and this and this and this" parts that go to the board and probably to the two big grant providers (when I say "big" I'm talking about $500 and $200 respectively).
  • I received a gorgeous box of materials, mainly from Kane Miller Press. You can see most of them on the sidebar. Expect reviews soon! I'll also be posting reviews for the last of my ARCs from ALA Midwinter (I know, I know, summer crept up on me) and for some fun series from Sterling Press.
  • I'll be cleaning off my library shelf to-be-reviewed, but since I schedule reviews ahead you won't be seeing some of them until October. Something to look forward to (-:)
At the library...
  • Inventory! Hopefully I can convince the system powers that be to let me have a turn with the scanner - my ever-courageous director is working on it. Otherwise, it's going to be by hand. We last inventoried over a year ago (except the YA section which I did casually when I was moving it last October) and some sections, like nonfiction, have never been touched. It is time. Dum da dum! I have laid in a supply of chocolate to comfort me when I discover just how many teen books are missing.
  • Programs! I am adding lots of after school programs for ages 6 - 12, hopefully a couple teen programs, changing our storytime structure, as well as our regular programs. All those things have to be planned and supplies must be ordered, rooms reserved, and a couple performers booked.
  • New aide! Since I usually have a high school senior as my aide, I get a new one every year. I'm lucky enough to have a great aide (going off to college) and a second temp aide (back from college for the summer) who will be training our new aide! We still have several interviews and then I have to make....THE CHOICE. I nearly had a nervous breakdown last year. I hate picking people.
  • Moving furniture! I've been here two years now, so I figure I kinda know what I need and what I want and it's time to rearrange my office! It's going to involve moving a humongous filing cabinet and a humongous shelf, so hopefully I survive the transition with all limbs intact.
  • Publicity. Argh. I hate doing publicity. I've figured out it's (just barely) palatable, not to mention more efficient, if I do it all ahead of time, so I have to write out weekly press releases for the the local paper, figure out how to schedule event postings on facebook, add all events to the library calendar and the blog, and update my areas of the website.
  • I have lots more things on the list, but these are the main ones! It's going to be a busy August....since I detest August, I'm perfectly happy to spend it inside, hunkered down in front of the computer.
AND, p.s. I just cleaned out all the adult books I had on the shelf - I gave up on a couple mystery series I'd been trying, was fascinated by Ron Marz' Witchblade and am determined to find more volumes, and absolutely loved Elizabeth Duncan's second Penny Brannigan mystery, A Brush With Death. A lovely cozy, full of atmosphere and interesting characters and clues. Now I have to wait at least a year for number 3....groan.


Ms. Yingling said...

Ah, just in time to turn the students back over to the school library. I always marvel at the amount of work that goes into the summer reading program. Whew. Congrats on making it through!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, time to start planning next year's program! I have to make a winning prize for the librarian of the elementary school with the highest registration too. School librarians rock!