Saturday, August 14, 2010

Market Day by Victoria Roberts and Tomislav Zlatic

I don't usually review non-book items, but this sweet little kit contains books, so close enough, right? The contents come packaged in a brightly colored briefcase-shaped cardboard box, with a snap for the handle and the side flap. It's a nice glossy finish that will be easy to wipe down, but little fingers will need some help with the snaps. Once it's been opened, you lay it flat and a little market scene pops up! Here's half of it:
There's a narrow space behind each stall to put in the cardboard characters and the books and characters are held in little compartments that lay flat.
There's a nice collection of animals - it's hard to see with this picture, but they have little cardboard tabs around their feet that are meant to be bent in so they'll stand up, or they can easily be set into the slots behind the stalls.

There are four books included with this package, Mr. Pig's colors, Miss Dog's Shapes, Mr. Peacock's Opposites, and Mrs. Mouse's Numbers. The boardbooks are brightly colored with enough details to hold the interest of an older child and plenty of illustration of each book's theme.

This kit isn't for library use - the boardbooks are made out of a much flimsier cardboard than boardbooks are usually manufactured from; it feels almost like the shirt cardboard I buy for supplies. Children who play roughly probably aren't going to enjoy it either, because the cardboard characters and pop-up market will tear easily under the grip of toddler fingers. However, this is the perfect gift for that little child who likes to play carefully and quietly - I'm sure you know at least one! The cardboard is sturdy enough for regular wear and tear and a careful small child from 2 to 5 will delight in the bright colors and little characters contained in this package.

Source: Review copy provided by Kane Miller through Raab Associates.

Verdict: This isn't appropriate for a library collection, but would make a perfect gift for a small child! This particular one is going to be passed on to my little niece....

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