Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell

Little Rabbit loves the city, but at night she wishes she had a friend - a rabbit friend like her. One day, she is in the park at night and hears lovely music. She follows the music and finds...a little rabbit just like her! Together they enjoy music and stories and the outdoor world of the park. But after a while, Little Rabbit misses her city home and returns to the lights and activities she loves. She's no longer lonely though, because soon a special friend is arriving on a visit...

Shades of blue and gray fill in the background of this gentle, silvery story of friendship and the joy of having your own place in the world. A perfect bedtime story and also a good choice for children with long-distance friends or relatives.

Verdict: Lovely art and a sweet story. This one may not be a huge hit at storytime, but is sure to find a small but enthusiastic group of fans.

ISBN: 978-0670011704; Published May 2009 by Viking; Borrowed from the library

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