Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crushing the dreams part 7 THE END

Yay! Just young adult to go. Of course, then I get to tackle...the missing list. The 96-page missing list (ok, so a lot of it's adult. It still HURTS). What can we dump from the ya wishlist? I've already cleared out tons and tons of stuff...let's see what's left that can be cut:
  • Morganville Vampires (I get occasional requests, but I get occasional request for EVERY vampire series. This one has to be bought from Amazon for some reason, and it's just too much work)
  • Getting revenge on Lauren Wood (I don't like yellow covers. At this point, I'm being weirdly picky)
  • Once upon a time series (popular, but not that popular)
  • Ranger's Apprentice - unless many people ask for it
  • Belle of the brawl, Monster High - I'm not buying any more Lisi Harrison unless someone specifically asks for it
  • Good behavior by Nathan Henry
  • Planet pregnancy by Linda High
  • I thought about a Kimani Tru series, but nobody has ever asked me for them
  • Pretty little liars - no more series!
  • Birth of a killer by Darren Shan (Cirque isn't really that popular)
  • Shadows of the redwood by gillian summers (i have to cut SOME paranormal series SOMEWHERE)
  • Immortal beloved by Cate Tiernan
  • Brilliant by Rachel Vail (nobody noticed I forgot to buy the conclusion to the trilogy)
  • Num8ers by Rachel Ward (I am cutting the paranormal ruthlessly)
  • Matter of magic by Patricia Wrede (sniff)
  • Frontier Magic by Patricia Wrede (sniff sniff. I will buy copies for myself. We have the first, but it just wasn't popular enough)
  • I shall wear midnight (please don't kill me! my teens just aren't that into plain fantasy. seriously)
  • Elkeles' Paradise duo
  • Mockingjay (no, no we have one! I'm just not getting a second copy right now. maybe later)
  • bright young things by godbersen (pleeeease no more series)
  • demon's lexicon (i can't stand either of the covers. wack. there goes another paranormal)
  • exile of gigi lane (a patron asked for this, but i don't think anybody else is interested)
  • going too far by echols
  • pegasus by mckinley (i know, i know. my library neighbor is getting it)
  • ring of solomon (bartimaeus isn't really that popular here)
  • tell us we're home by budhos
  • you by benoit
  • bruiser by shusterman
Saved for next year:
  • Inconvenient by Margie Gelbwasser
  • Blank confession by Pete Hautman
  • Wicked series by Nancy Holder
  • Hunger by Jackie Kessler (am I the only person who think the description of this new series (gag) is hilarious? probably yes)
  • Hold me closer necromancer by Lish Macbride (i like the title)
  • Shadow Kiss and Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  • Thirst no. 2 & 3 by Christopher Pike
  • Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
  • Busted by John Antony (wait for pb)
  • three black swans by cooney
  • vampireville by schreiber (wait for pb)
Possibles being published in 2011:
  • Drought by Pam Bachorz (someone just stole Candor, so she's popular right?)
  • Red Glove by Holly Black (not sure if this series is going to be popular or not)
  • Sapphique by Catherine Fisher (I am SO SICK of sequels)
  • Cloaked by Alex Flinn
  • Plague by Michael Grant
  • Afterlife by Claudia Gray
  • Tale of two pretties (clique)
  • Real live boyfriends by E. Lockhart
  • Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr
  • Cryer's cross by Lisa McMann
  • Last sacrifice by Richelle Mead
  • Recruit by Robert Muchamore
  • Kick by Walter Dean Myers
  • Speechless by Lauren Myracle
  • Angel by James Patterson
  • Once in a full moon by Ellen Schreiber (groan. another paranormal series)
  • Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight
  • Deadly little games by Laurie Stolarz
  • Invisible girl by Mary Stone
Phwa. Now just the YA gns. I'm mostly concerned next year with filling in manga collections and replacing our Star Wars with hardcovers. So this is what I'm dumping:
  • Baron the cat returns (I can't figure out if there's more of this or not)
  • Cat burglar black (it needed a sequel)
  • Clique the graphic novel
  • Crogan - the first one wasn't as popular as I'd hoped
  • No more Essential Marvel volumes. Some of the ones I have circ. and some don't. I'm going to get something else instead. Probably more Star Wars
  • Flower in a storm (too weird)
  • Foiled by Yolen
  • Shakespeare by Gareth Hinds
  • Pinocchio vampire slayer
  • Professor's daughter
  • Sons of liberty (might buy later if i like the sequel
  • Spell Checkers (I hated this one. look for a nasty review later this year)
  • Undertown by Pascoe (library teen asked for this, but it keeps going out of availability)
  • Silverfin - young bond (I decided not, although I really liked it. The prose books aren't too popular)
  • Girl Genius (it drives me nuts that we don't have this whole series. But every time I try to order it, it takes months to come or it never does. I am just letting it go. In 2012, I will buy the whole thing direct from the Foglio's website and be done)
This is what I plan to fill in and add for new next year, that I could have bought this year if I'd had the money:
  • I'm going to add Black Butler 1-4
  • Boys over flowers 1-5 (I have several volumes in the 30s. please do not ask me why)
  • Continue Cirque du Freak - it's very popular and there will be more in 2011
  • High School Debut 1-4 (I have volume 5. )
  • Library Wars 1-3
  • Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness and Dead Days
  • Miki Falls
  • Odyssey by Gareth Hinds
  • Oh My Goddess 2-6 (I have 1, 7-9, and 12)
  • Continue Rosario+Vampire (even if they keep stealing it)
  • Runaways volume 2-5 (I have volume 1)
  • Continue Star Wars Legacy
  • Add Vampire Knight 1-5
  • Yu gi oh 1-6 (I have volume 7)
Done! Done! Now I just have to go through the all the missing stuff and decide what to replace (theoretically, since I have no replacement money left) and what to leave. And the AV. And finish planning the storytimes. And put together the tween crafts. And write the Facebook event posts. How can I have so much left to do when I haven't had any programs all August?


Ms. Yingling said...

The only one I'd argue here is the Ranger's Apprentice, but you know your audience. There would be a revolt if I didn't buy at least two copies! Watch the Shan carefully; the Cirque du Freak series is finished (and hugely popular at my school), and the new titles are more adult. Don't feel bad about not buying stuff. You know your patrons and what they need.

Jennifer said...

I'm sort of divided about Ranger's Apprentice - I stopped buying them because someone was donating them, But then they stopped. I didn't have anybody asking for them...but somebody has just stolen the first one. I'm kinda thinking maybe I can pick up a few more in the series at Half Price Books this weekend.

I don't think I've ever had a kid ask for Shan, but I frequently show Cirque to kids who ask for something "older" or "scarier" than Goosebumps. I'm still buying the manga adaptations and those are HUGE. I put them on the new shelf and they have a hold the next day, over and over...

Thanks for backing me up! I love buying, but sometimes it's frustrating trying to be Psychic Librarian!

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I came by to cast a vote for keeping Ranger's Apprentice, too. It's hugely popular over here at least.

And I for one am fascinated by this whole series of posts; thank you! I'm able to hold off on buying a lot of things because I can (usually) count on the library getting them--this is like my household decision-making times a thousand. Or more.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I think if I don't find the missing volumes at Half Price I'll have to cram Ranger's Apprentice back on somewhere.

Heh, yeah...imagine what I could do with a big city library budget! *swoon*