Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crushing the dreams part 2

We now turn the knife upon the easy reader lists. Hacking out:

  • Ant And Honey Bee :--A Pair Of Friends At Halloween by Megan McDonald
  • Annie and Snowball (we have some, but I was thinking of filling in the series) by Cynthia Rylant
  • Disney Fairies step into reading - I bought Rainbow Magic easy readers instead. Better bindings.
  • Best Friends :--The True Story Of Owen And Mzee by Roberta Edwards
  • Serengeti Journey :--On Safari In Africa by Gare Thompson
  • Underground Towns, Treetops, And Other Animal Hiding Places by Monica Halpern
  • Weedy Sea Dragons, Spitting Cobras, And Other Wild And Amazing Animals by Robyn O'Sullivan (Nat'l Geographic easy readers are just too expensive)
I have two easy readers on my list for next year - Ducks in a row by Jackie Urbanovic and Splat the cat sings flat by Rob Scotton

Easy readers don't seem to engender quite the fanaticism of picture books or young adult. I'm hoping to get more nonfiction next year - what are your favorite easy readers?

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