Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crushing the dreams part 3

Well, you don't really see not buying series as crushing authors' dreams. I mean, juvenile (chapter book) series don't really engender strong feelings any more than easy readers do. Other than my strong feelings of obsession when we have incomplete series. A lot of these series I've been able to find on Bookmooch, or hope to find on Bookmooch, so I'm taking them off the order list. This is a humongous list of listiness. Let's see if we can pare it down:
  • Candy Apple (I have the requisite 5 to start a new series, thanks to Bookmooch. Hope to continue adding via BM)
  • BeastQuest (depending on BM to fill in what I have)
  • Jenny Archer (I thought about buying the new, updated editions, but I've decided to just stick with the old ones we have)
  • Camp Confidential (If I can get more copies from BM, fine. If not, not. I don't think I have space for the entire 20 volumes anyways)
  • We need several volumes from the various Ron Roy series, but I'll depend on BM to fill them in.
  • I'm buying Geronimo Stilton comics now, so I don't think I need to add any more of the back issues of the chapter books - we already have quite a few. I'll just buy the new ones as they come out.
  • Heartland - depending on BM
  • Spongebob chapter books - got TONS from BM. Don't need anymore at the moment
  • Scooby-Doo chapter books - same thing
  • American Girl - I'm not going to get Julie, or any more of the little extras. We have enough. Girls REALLY like Lanie, I wish there were more of those.
  • Nancy Drew Girl Detective (this is a paperback series, more modern than the classic Nancy Drews) - got plenty on BM
  • Hannah Montana - I got plenty from BM and her popularity is waning
  • Puppy Place - got on BM
  • Butterfly Meadow - don't want any more
  • Sly the sleuth - don't want any more
  • Marvin Redpost - don't want any more
  • Jonas Brothers - got some from BM, popularity is waning
  • Hank Zipzer - never been really popular, we'll stick with what we have
  • Canadian Flyer - briefly popular, I'm not going to add any more though.
This leaves four series on my juvenile series wishlist - Poison Apple, which doesn't have the requisite 5 volumes available yet, I will probably buy it in the future, and Scream Street, which I don't feel justified in buying unless I weed some Goosebumps. I'm also waiting for Keena Ford and Princess Posey to have 5 volumes in paperback available.
On my series list for next year, (asides from buying new additions for classics like Magic Tree House and Geronimo Stilton) I'll be filling in the following series:
  • Dear Dumb Diary
  • Pirate School
  • How I Survived Middle School
  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole
  • Mandie
  • Jake Maddox
  • Rainbow Magic (tons of these on the order lists)
  • Babysitter Club reissues
  • Wind Dancers
I'll be adding the following new series:
  • Princess Posey by Stephanie Greene. The paperbacks won't be available until 2011
  • Ready Freddy, which was requested by a parent
  • Avalon by Rachel Roberts, requested by one of my library kids. Just the first series, Web of Magic. I have a couple from BM already, just need 3 more.


avalon fan warrior girl whos random said...

do u know when avalon shadow warrior comes out? i have an avalon web of magic blog, who cares what i think, i have no
idea what this blog is about, but i love avalon. do u know? & im randome

Jennifer said...

Sorry, no idea. I'd never heard of this series until several little girls at the library asked for it. I looked on this website to get a list of the books I needed to start the series.