Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crushing the dreams part 5

The juvenile graphic novels *rubs hands*. This is a fairly small list and so will be a fairly happy list, unlike the angst and bleeding eyeballs that went into juvenile fiction. There's only a few things I've decided we're not going to get:
  • Avatar the last airbender - we don't seem to have much interest here
  • There's A Princess In The Palace by Zoe Alley - we have Wolf, but it doesn't check out much. Too big.
  • Grampa And Julie.--Shark Hunters by Czekaj, Jef
  • Polo - I would like to get these, but the couple we have just don't circulate much. Maybe someday when I move them from picturebooks to graphic novels, to be with Owly
  • City Of Spies by Susan Kim
  • Mouse Guard
  • Complete Peanuts - I think this would be stolen and it's kinda big and unwieldy for kids
  • Little Lulu - every time I order these, they become unavailable. I give up.
  • Twin Spica - meh, not as interesting as I thought it might be
  • Boxcar Children - if they ever sell these as a collection, I'll get it. But the paperbacks are very short and flimsy and the library bound copies are ridiculously expensive
Now that I have a good idea of what kids like, what holds up, etc. I am buying a lot more in hardcover. These are the series I'm adding to in 2011, hopefully in hardcover!
  • Adventures of Tintin volume 2 and 3. For some reason, volume 2 isn't available on my vendor, I'll have to get it from Amazon.
  • Wallace and Gromit. I'm really going to get these this time! I've been waffling, but somebody just stole all my W&G movies, so they're popular, right?
  • Wizards of Mickey volume 1 and 2 (and maybe 3, I think it comes out in hardback next year)
  • Wall-E: Out There
  • Trickster: Native American Tales (I wish this was available in library bound, b/c the paperback looks very poorly bound to me, but I think it's worth getting anyways)
  • Disney Fairies - I'm getting four volumes of the gns in trade hardcover
  • Asterix Omnibus volume 2 and volume 10 (I know, I know, but these are better value. They'll probably go out of print by the time I go to order them next year and I'l have to buy the individual ones anyways.)
  • Fairy Idol Kanon
  • Johnny Boo - volumes 1 and 2
  • Flight Explorer - paperback
  • Nancy Drew Girl Detective - first 5 in paperback.
  • World of Cars: Radiator Springs, The Rookie
  • Marvelous Land of Oz - I am so excited that they aren't stopping with Wizard of Oz! I hope they keep going through the whole Famous Forty...
  • Graphic Dinosaurs - I need about 5 more in this series
  • Filling in Dragon Ball Z through 10 (I have number 1, 4, and 19. Don't ask me why)
  • Thunder from the sea by Jeff Weigel
  • Swans in Space
This doesn't count the Star Wars series. There are always Star Wars series. I usually buy a bunch of library bound series from ABDO's Spotlight imprint in January as well.

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