Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crushing the dreams part 6

Now the nonfiction. I have to save most of my nonfiction budget for the many, many sets I plan to buy in January. Bearport is my publisher of choice. Never buy anything from Child's World. I bought a $20, library bound book from them in July and the binding is already disintegrating. Blah. Anyways, let's see what we can clear off the lists:
  • Ripleys Believe It Or Not! :--Enter If You Dare (someone stole our Ripleys book. I can't find an exact replacement for it and I'm feeling disgruntled about buying stuff so people can just STEAL IT)
  • Fairy tales - I'm not buying any fairy tales next year, I don't think. Except for Greban's Snow White. I want that one. 
  • Field guide to aliens by Olander
  • Name that dog by Peggy Archer (I'm still not buying poetry)
  • This is rocket science by Gloria Skurzynski
  • Junkyard science by Karen Young
  • Hive detectives, Extreme Scientists, Bat Scientists (I love Scientists in the Field, but I gotta buy sports series)
  • Weird but true: 300 outrageous facts (nat'l geo)
  • Truce by Jim Murphy. My library kids just aren't interested in history much.
  • Wild Swans (Why did they have to update it with a PINK cover?)
  • Eyewitness Bird (just bought a huge bird series)
  • Eyewitness Vote (I'm never gonna actually buy this)
  • Free Spirit Laugh and Learn (I got a couple for Tough Topics, but I don't think I want anymore right now or next year)
  • Real Vikings by Melvin Burger (I liked it, but will the kids read it?)
  • You can draw Transformers (found another drawing series I like better)
  • Goal! by Mark Stewart (I have a different sports series in mind)
Stuff I ran out of money for and will get next year (I'm on a different computer now, which formats things differently. Why yes, that does DRIVE ME INSANE):
  • Face to face National Geographic series - I need penguins, sharks, and several others.
  • National Geographic Kids The Ultimate Dinopedia :--Your Illustrated Reference To Every Dinosaur Ever Discovered (somebody STOLE the last dinosaur encyclopedia I bought. I am SO MAD. It was only a few months old!)
  • Bones :--Skeletons And How They Work by Steve Jenkins
  • Bug Zoo by Nick Baker
  • Iron Man: The ultimate guide
  • Sometimes it's grandmas and grandpas by Gayle Byrne (for our tough topics collection)
  • I'm getting a checkup by Marilyn Singer (also for tough topics)
  • Ancient Aztec (we have most of this nat'l geo series and it goes out whenever I put it on display)
  • Maybe a few fairy tales. Greban's Snow White, Craft's Twelve Dancing Princesses, Mayer's Baba Yaga and Vasilisa, and Ehrlich's Snow Queen. Oh, and maybe Bernadine's Rumpelstiltskin
  • All new crafts for mother's day and father's day by Kathy Ross (I personally think holiday-specific craft books are kinda blech, but I don't really like holidays. People asked for this, but I wasn't able to get it in time for the actual holidays)
  • Our countries first ladies by Ann Bausum (multiple biographies at one blow)
  • Eyewitness Titanic (you can never have too many Titanic books)
  • Garbage helps our garden grow (maybe. I hate spending $20 on these library bound nonfiction for little kids. They don't seem worth it. The books I mean)
That leaves me pretty clear for all the series we'll need next year. I'm thinking sports series and some more scary places, maybe a few more animal series...we'll see. At some point I am going to have to do something about the biography section. If I wait another 5-10 years I can just torch the entire shelf and start over...

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