Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notes on starting a Sewing Club at your library

We did a couple sewing-related crafts during our Make it and Take it programs last spring, and I decided to alternate Sewing Club and Lego Building Club on Wednesday afternoons. We had about 8 kids and a few parents show up, which was a manageable number. I put out lots of yarn (donated by our adult knitting group), misc. fabric, felt, and books with ideas. Almost everyone decided to make a stuffed animal out of a hat or glove from Make it! by Jane Bull (recycled crafts). I got the hats and gloves last year - you can get them for about 50 cents each at Walmart around March. They're pretty easy to make and the only sewing skill needed is basic stitching.

and needle threading. I forgot how time-consuming and frantic it was to keep all those needles threaded and un-knotted! Special thanks to one little girl who handed me her brilliant idea - tie your thread to the needle. This helped a lot, but I had to pull in my aide (who should have been shelving the massive carts of books and movies) to keep needles threaded and help out with the simple stuff.

Conclusion: Sewing Club is great! Make sure you have an assistant to help with needle threading and next time, after they finish their current projects, I think we're going to learn to hand-knit (except for the very ambitious and patient little girl who is making a doll out of felt. She's going to be working on that for a while) It's going to be exciting!

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Anna M. said...

OMG! I want to do this!!! Thanks for posting :)