Monday, September 13, 2010

Yay library programs!

I started our children's programming up again today. We're going to have Make it and Take it every Monday at 3:30. Kids age 6 - 12 come and make a craft, then pick a book from the new books I show off to check out. I was so happy (and relieved) that my two regular attendees from last spring showed up again! They're good friends, both in second grade now I think? and had lots of fun with paint and glitter and buttons making artist trading cards. Two new kids came, both boys, also second graders. They lost interest sooner, but had fun anyways. My goal is to average about 10 kids. *crosses fingers*

aaaand I've just realized that I TOTALLY FORGOT to take or send any flyers to the two parochial schools in town. I usually get some attendance from there. Have to fix that tomorrow. As well as writing two grants, second-in-a-row 8am staff meeting, morning shift on the desk, still trying to get my storytime plans just right for Thursday, new preschool visiting schedule (I've never done that before) and evening teen program. To which one teen said she might come.

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