Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy library moments

This has been one crazy week. So far, we've had three visits from the police, a total program attendance hovering near the 250 mark, a huge glitch in our inventory process, and I've been out for two days. Yes, I took two days of vacation to clean my apartment and put together my new four poster bed from Ikea. Hey, it's a big bed!

In the midst of the craziness, it's nice to remember the small happy moments.

One of my little storytime girls showed up at the library yesterday morning, dressed in pastel leotard, tights, and tiara with her hair in a neat little bun. I asked if she was going to ballet, but no, mom said she was on her way to a princess tea party! Apparently the rest of her costume was in the car. I took a second look at her, and then hastily scooped Ella Bella Ballerina and the Sleeping Beauty by James Mayhew off the shelf. "I think you'll like this." She took one look at the cover - did I mention she looks a bit like Ella Bella? and then her whole face lit up, she shyly took it out of my hands and, clutching it tightly, trotted happily off to the circulation desk. Ella Bella never fails and I love handing it to the shy little girls in pink!

One of my twelve year olds has had his card blocked with fines for a while. I finally sat him down and instructed him to fill out the read off your fines form - NOW. We got his card unblocked and he went off to use the computer...then wandered back. " that Dragonbreath book on the shelf?" Score! I collected him for our teen (well, middle school) book club in early October and on the books I showed was Dragonbreath - he actually remembered the title and wanted to read it enough to ask about it almost three weeks later! This from a kid who says he "doesn't read at all".

Back to cleaning!


James Mayhew said...

I can't tell you how much it means to me to read about that little girl. It reminds me of exactly why I create the books. Thank you sincerely!

Jennifer said...

We're looking forward to seeing Swan Lake when it comes out here in the US! Ella Bella is such a lovely way to show little ones the magic and beauty of ballet!