Monday, November 22, 2010

Everything Else: Cybils Nominations, The H's

I'm not even looking at the S and T pile. Too, too, daunting. I would also like to know why none of my dear, kind friends told me I was an idiot to bake 15+ gingerbread houses and why didn't I just use graham crackers?

Oh, wait, I think some of them did. No one but myself to blame. Well, onto the books.

  • Hello goodbye and a very little lie by Christiane Jones. Fun little story about a compulsive liar who meets his match and decides to change his ways - maybe. Cute illustrations, not quite as didactic as parents asking for "how to make my child tell the truth books" will probably want, but would be a fun read aloud. Review copy received from Picture Window Books.

  • Hey, Rabbit! by Sergio Ruzzier. I just don't like Ruzzier's art. Not my style or taste. I don't like Peter Sis either. This is a rather odd little story of a rabbit who pulls things out of a box for his friends. If you like Ruzzier, go for it. Borrowed from the library.

  • Hide!!! by Jeff Foxworthy. So...does it count as a celebrity picture book if you have NO IDEA who the celebrity is? The back jacket flap says he's a respected and successful comedian. Somehow, I've never associated respect with comedians. Ok, enough of the side chat. On to the story. In relentless Seuss-ish rhyme, a neighborhood of kids play a giant hide and seek game. The illustrations are lots of fun, tons of details to find, bright and colorful, very fun cartoons. The text is just...painful. Why do celebrities have the urge to write rhyming picture books? If this guy is a comedian, he must be able to write normally, right? Great illustrations, a fun concept, kids will love finding the details in each picture, but I'd be embarrassed to read this out loud. Even if I could, which is doubtful because of the occasionally choppy rhythm. Looks like Foxworthy had some trouble channeling Seuss. I would have recommended this if it had been a wordless book done entirely by Steve Bjorkman. Review copy provided by Beaufort Books.

  • Home by Alex Smith. Four animal friends decide they want change and adventure away from home - unfortunately, they all want different things. They each take a part of the house, have some adventures, miss each other, and return and rebuild their home, this time with wheels so they can adventure together. Nice but unremarkable. Borrowed from library.

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