Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Argh! Technology moves too fast!

A random library lament as I fiddle yet again with my budget for next year. I've spent the past two years trying to delete, discard, hide, lose, and destroy all our old VHS and cassette tapes. We still have about 20 VHS and about 20 cassette sets in the YA and juvenile audiobooks, plus about 20 book+tape combos for little kids, but there was definite progress made. I was hopeful of having the whole process done next year.

And now we're buying Blu-Ray. Argh! I know, I know, you can play dvds on the new players and all, but now I've got to buy the same dang movies AGAIN, that I just re-bought on dvd, after getting rid of the vhs. And then re-bought AGAIN when they were promptly stolen.

On the bright side, the dvds will probably be stolen again, so I'll have to buy them anyways, so I might as well buy an additional bluray copy. Blu-ray? Blu ray? Bluray?

Sigh. I would rather be buying board books. They never change format.


Ms. Yingling said...

Amen. I'm lucky to be in a school where the teachers teach rather than show videos. That's right, videos. I have maybe 2 DVDs. They just don't get used. Yippee! You have my sympathy.

Jennifer said...

lucky you! not that i don't love me some cartoons (i have a huge animation collection) but the formats drive me NUTS.