Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Collection Development 2011: YA chick lit and more

Next we have the chick lit, for lack of a better word. Or, as I usually call them, Sarah Dessen read-alikes. The sequels aren't quite as egregious here, but they are peppering the shelves.

Sequels we must have:
  • Last little blue envelope by Maureen Johnson (first title has an excellent 36 checkouts in 3 years, so we'll go for the sequel)
  • Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart (I had to put off buying this for budgetary reasons, but Lockhart's boy series has a really good circulation record AND has been stolen! so we'll get the sequel)
  • Tale of two pretties by Harrison (I'm not buying any more Clique unless I'm asked. It's the series that never DIES. I want to knock holes in its head with a high heeled shoe or something)
  • Top of the feud chain by Harrison (same thing with Alphas. GAH!)
  • Where she went by Gayle Forman (If i stay hasn't had huge circ. since I bought it in 2009, but it's still going out and I have a fairly decent fan base for the dead girl genre, so we'll go ahead and get this one)
Other chick lit and stuff including beautiful non-sequels *sniff*
  • Back when you were easier to love by Emily Smith (I've heard some good things about this, I think, debut author. I'll wait until I've seen more reviews before making a final choice.)
  • Christy Miller by Robin Gunn (this was a patron request and it is a series. I've been putting it off because I'm not sure how many teens would actually check it out, but her Sierra Jensen series has strong circulation despite covers of unrelenting 90s hideosity. Plus, I've discovered they've reissued these in omnibuses. I will buy the first omnibus and see how it goes.)
  • Close to famous by Joan Bauer (Bauer has some circulation, but nothing noteworthy and I have a personal dislike for "quirky southern" I don't see this being much read so I think I'll let it go, despite the good reviews)
  • I can't take it any more! I'm tired of getting bugged for the Pretty Little Liars series. I will buy #7 & 8, although I'm sure they'll be as ignored as Gossip Girl, It Girl, A-List, and all those other mean girls series in another year or two. I'm not buying the whole dang series though. Grr.
  • Lonely hearts club by Elizabeth Eulberg (this sounds like something my teens would like, although some of the reviews are lukewarm. I'm leaning towards getting it, unless anybody says otherwise?)
  • Premier by Melody Carlson (I have a couple other titles by her and they did ok, but I also have most of Lisa Samson's Hollywood series, and I don't think I want another book in a similar vein and nobody has requested this since it came out last May...I'll let it go)
  • Sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson (some really good reviews, but I'm waiting for it to come out in paperback. I can buy paperback for my teen area)
  • So much closer by Colasanti (I purchased one of her titles, Waiting for you last July and it has gone out 8 times already, so I think I'll get her newest)
  • Stay by Deb Caletti (her Honey Baby Sweetheart has gone out 55 times since we added it in 2004 and I promised several teens I'd buy more Dessenish romance, so we'll get this one too.)
  • What happened to goodbye (of course we are buying the latest Dessen)
Now all that's left is the "everything else" list. Later! Although I am writing this post on Wednesday the 5th, I am, at this moment, probably on my way to the San Diego Zoo!!

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