Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cybils Shortlists Announced!

Of course, the most important list is my group of the year (yeah, I'm a panel hopper), Fiction Picture Books!!
Some more Cybils love....

Hi to my friends in Easy Readers and Beginning Chapter Books! They picked a great list this year, including the latest in several great series; Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa, Fly Guy, Cork and Fuzz (personal favorite there!) and Elephant and Piggie. I was pleased to see they got a nonfiction title on the list as well - National Geographic Ants. Yay, Anna Hibiscus made it! Remind me to booktalk these more heavily. Let's see, latest Frankie Pickle and....Squee!! My own nomination! The latest Down Girl and Sit! I LOVE these books! Let's see, Princess Posey, I have a review of that in the storage locker waiting to be scheduled, Zapato Power, been meaning to read that, ah, a very, very nice list!

Next up is Middle Grade Fantasy and Science Fiction, starting with The Call by Michael Grant - been meaning to read that, I hear it's funny. Buckingham's Dead Boys, ooo, horror! Dragonbreath, squee!!!! Feel the love, Ursula Vernon, feel the love. Hmm, Fever Crumb, I'm more a fan of the Larklight but this has circulated well at my library, Ninth Ward, didn't read or buy it, Reckless by Funke, of course, Books of Elsewhere, been meaning to read it, will probably take my galley on the plane to San Diego. Another very nice list!

Now the teen lists - I don't read much YA and for various reasons, which I'll talk about later when I lay out the New Year's post planning next year at the library, our young adult section is going to have to take a back seat. The teen fantasy list looks heavy on the dystopia, looks like I'm not the only one sick of paranormal. I'll tell you the other thing I'm sick of in teen later today too. I've heard of everything on the teen fiction list, but I'm ashamed to say my library doesn't own any. Those darn series - how can you ever buy new stuff when your teeny little budget gets sucked into sequels? But I have a plan for that next year. Mwa-ha-ha.

Oooo, Graphic Novels. Can I tell you a secret? I aspire to the graphic novel panel next year. So, let's see...Athena, and...SQUEEEEE Guinea PI!!! I loooooove that series! Meanwhile, I tried that and it gave me a headache, Smile, remind me to buy another copy of that, can't keep it on the shelf, and The Unsinkable Walker Bean. Then for teen there's Ghostopolis, interesting, Mercury, couldn't get into it, Night Owls, just ill'd a copy, Twin Spica, haven't seen it, Yummy, fascinating but not right for my library. Nice.

Ahhh, Middle Grade. That's on my list of panels to try someday. Because of Mr. Terupt, heard good things, Belly Up, I tried that but couldn't get into it, Betti on the High Wire, Crunch! Woo! I loved that one! Milo Sticky Notes, keep meaning to get that but haven't yet, Kneebone Boy, Snicketish books don't go well at my library, Strange Case of Origami Yoda, very popular, although I had mixed feelings about it. I'm glad Crunch made the list.

Then we have nonfiction. I was glad to see Hive Detectives - that's a good one. Hmm, Dark Game sounds interesting, ooo, Kakapo Rescue! Scientists in the Field really deserves more love. Secret of the Yellow Death -haven't read it, Spilling Ink, that's gone well at my library, Under a Red Sky and Unspeakable Crime - haven't read them. Then we have Bones, Dinosaur Mountain, and Pop!, all very good although I haven't reviewed them yet. Henry Aaron's Dream, Sit-In, Skit-Skat Raggedy Cat, and Extraordinary Mark Twain I've heard of, but they're not the type of book that circulates well at my library so I gave them a miss.

Can't say much about poetry, it's really not my area and it's going to be at least a couple years before I buy any more for my library - too many other areas need updating. Lots of lovely lists! Now it's time to start thinking about 2011. Happy New Year!

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