Sunday, January 23, 2011

House to die for by Vicki Doudera

A quick step away from children's books for an adult mystery....the author promised me, when she signed a book at ALA that I would like it - and she was right! Darby Farr returns to the Maine coast and island she grew up on to fulfill her estranged aunt's dying request. But as soon as she arrives she's suddenly involved in murders, mysterious circumstances, threats, and old secrets of her family and friends. There's a little hint at romance and some humor and interesting tidbits about real estate, but no info dumps. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery and look forward to reading the sequel! If, like me, you like good mysteries with definite plots, twists and turns, and a complete dearth of male detectives suffering mid-life crises, angst-ridden reflections on the pointlessness of life and justice, and nasty characters, then you'll be pleased to pick up this brisk, exciting, and thoroughly satisfactory mystery.

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Alex said...

I love a good mystery, and you make this one sound delectable. I guess the author wasn't just boasting when she said you would like it. Thanks for the insightful review, I will look for it in my library.