Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I do on those rare occasions I am not reading or working

Sometimes I am beading. I pack all my bead boxes (b/c you never know what you're going to want to work on...) into a bag and pop over to Beadology in Lake Geneva, where the kindly proprietor allows me and my library friend Sara to bead in the back room. This is very handy because she has all the tools anyone could possibly need, she's right there and handy to answer questions, and if one feels a sudden need for a bead, it's right there.

So today I finished stringing all the beads for a necklace - I was about half done before today. It's going to be a crocheted wire necklace with several strands and I fondly think of it as my mermaid necklace. The earrings are of my selection, but not my production. I haven't felt the urge to create earrings, so I just pick out the stuff and hand it over and the nice lady pops it together for me.

Next time we go beading I'll crochet the necklace...and I have some ideas for combining the green murano glass beads with gold sparkles with copper birds into a necklace..., I don't actually wear much jewelry. But they look very pretty hanging on my wall.

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