Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Tween Area

This is what the area originally looked like...it's hard to see, but on the other side of the Garfield shelf is a couple tables and chairs and a magazine shelf. The edge of the chair you see is the small table and chair set that was right next to the Garfield shelf.

We shifted the Garfield shelf down, so there's a small nook here (the chairs are half-size)

and a much bigger space for tweens here. One of the doors at the end is a restroom, the other is our maintenance closet. We just have one big beanbag, which I brought down from the young adult area, but I've ordered three smaller bean bags and I'm hoping we'll have enough money in the budget to get another table and chairs set. The kids are painting small hot air balloons to hang from the ceiling and helping me take down the snowflakes so we can decorate the windows for spring! I'm also hoping to have a small computer lab here someday - just four standing stations - and maybe some small chalkboards or dry erase boards the kids can draw on. But we're starting simple!


Ms. Yingling said...

Windows! You have windows! What a lovely area. The green is very pretty. I've come to terms with the yellow in my library.

Jennifer said...

Oy, have we got windows - we are actually in the process of covering them with uv reflecting film b/c they are so bright and hot - people complain and all our books, furniture, posters, etc. that face in that direction fade rapidly. But I do love our green. One of the many reasons I love this library!