Saturday, March 26, 2011

This week at the library; or, snow AGAIN??

I am totally blaming the weather on our head of circulation. It was getting nice and warm - nearly to the 60s! and she HAD to go and say "I bet we're going to have one more snowfall." All on you Gail, all on you.

  • I knew intellectually that there was no school, but I hadn't really internalized it, so the resultant flood of kids and parents caught me off guard. I interviewed our summer intern (well, not interviewed, it was more of a "see how cool we are! please come work for us!" because I really need help this summer and I was very impressed with her and Really Wanted her to come here! And she is coming! Yay Abby!) We made flip books courtesy of Abby the Librarian. The link she had for a person shape wasn't working, so I just traced my giant gingerbread die cut with permanent marker onto cardstock and photocopied that. The kids loved it and the only glitch was when I sliced a little too deep with the papercutter and cut the head off one girl's creation! But we taped it and it was OK.
  • It rained and our Wii is still being repaired. And it rained. And rained.
  • It snowed and iced, but we didn't care! We had nearly 50 kids for Lego Club and one of our patrons donated a practically new Wii console and some more games! Yayyyy!! Nearly broke my neck coming down the icy stairs and my dang car doors froze shut again, but we have a Wii!
  • Nice group for preschool storytime despite the chilly weather, happily most of the ice and snow was melted off by storytime. Our theme was chickens and we read Chicken Big, Fox and the Hen, and Chickens to the Rescue and made feathery round chickens with paper plates and feathers and orange triangles. Afterwards, we had box play! My new beanbags for the tween area came, so we had giant boxes and lots of fun decorating and climbing in and out.
  • Pattie had a family emergency, so I was going to step in and do toddler storytime...and then I thought, well, why not? and asked our reference associate, Linda, to give it a shot. She has only had time to watch one lapsit program, but she turned out to be a natural and did a great job with an impromptu farm storytime, despite having FIFTY PEOPLE after I told her the average is 35. One poor mom was sick afterwards - combination of heat from the FIFTY PEOPLE and some other medical problems - but her boys are sweeties so I hung out with them until they all got picked up. I also zipped over to Game Stop and got us wireless sensors so we won't have any more Wii accidents and some more games to play and circulate while we're at it.
Phew! It was a long week and I am soooo ready for spring!


Stephanie said...

Where do you come up with all your craft ideas?

Jennifer said...

hmm...the Artful Parent blog, Jane Bull's craft books, Kids Can Press craft books (especially the jumbo books) my own little can see a humongous list of all my stuff here
I am an obsessive planner!