Saturday, June 11, 2011

This week at the library; or, Yea, and Summer did verily come upon us without warning

Agh! Frantic Getting Ready For Summer! I was out Monday - my plane didn't get back until noon and I had taken the rest of the day off. Because I had to get up around 4am so...yeah.

  • Last school visit! This was my third elementary school. We're having a heat wave and those poor kids were HOT. Especially the 5th graders when we packed all of them into the room right after recess...Lots of kids I know at this school and I'm sure there will be lots of enthusiasm - maybe their librarian will even win the sparkly queen of summer reading crown this year!
  • My big "thing" this week was refining and developing our new preschool program, Preschool Interactive. I got all my notes together and my first plan is ready to go! I just need to finish all the plans for the rest of June (I'll do July and August later...)
  • Some new books, a generous donation from our local VIP services, fratchety tweens, aide scheduling and a brief but very gloomy meeting over what will happen if the Wiscnet budget thingy passes. Basically, our library will have no internet. Yay.
  • I did stuff today...oh yeah, I basically  moved books all over the place. In the hot, sticky library. Yuck.
  •  Worked on getting all the teen drawing prizes ready (it's not done yet) prepping programs, and trying to get my aides' schedules and duties worked out. Normally, I have 1 ten-hour a week aide and a temp aide for an additional 10-12 hours in the summer. This year, I have my regular, I have our tech services/circulation aide/page for the additional 12 hours, and I have an intern. So far I've got the aides' schedules and assignments worked out and a list of intern-ish stuff. She's starting on Monday and I am determined to give her the Best Experience Ever, not only for her sake, but so our library will get more interns! Also made final shopping trip to Walmart for summer supplies and...some other stuff I can't remember.
  • Technically, I have a half-day today b/c I'm working tomorrow. Ha ha hah ahah ha. I am still tying up loose ends, creating flannel boards, planning programs, organizing prizes, oh and working the information desk all morning.
  • 7:30am Checked the weather and realized it was likely to rain, also my laundry is still wet b/c it's so humid. Yuck, damp pants.
  • 7:45am My hair, also very damp, declined to stay up (modern hairpins. argh! anybody know where I can get hairpins meant for seriously thick, long, straight hair? everything I use falls right out) I take the whole thing down and start over.
  • Breakfast of ibuprofen and bagel and I am off.
  • Arrived at the library around 8am, set up summer reading at the information desk.
  • Lugged boxes of books and tables out to the entrance and my summer reading stuff out to the car.
  • Drive over to the park (we are joining in Bike Safety Day), the police got a work truck and came back with me to move the tables and boxes, and then I started set up.
  • We had a table for adult svs, a table for me, and a table for our school district's Parent Connections. I lined up my free book boxes under the table. Happily, we were under the picnic shelter since it misted quite a bit. Everything was clammy and cold.
  • I had about 100, 120 kids sign up!
  • I closed up around 11:30, lugged everything back to the library with help, put everything away, checked on sign-ups at the library, refilled all the summer stuff there, and got home around 1. Phew
  • I haven't counted up registrations yet, but I'm hoping we got near 200. We had about 70 last year, when we had a magician at the library, but we replaced that with going to bike safety this year.

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