Saturday, July 16, 2011

This week at the library; or, unplanned lock-in!

  • The day began with severe thunderstorms that brought down a tree and all the power lines at my apartment, knocking out all the electricity. Then I got to work and found the poop smeared all over the library entrance windows and somebody had upturned the cigarette thingy into the outdoor trashcan.
  • Then the day began. Yay. I discovered someone had stolen our audiobook of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a parent informed me they couldn't finish their activity log b/c she did not allow glue in her house and they never came to library programs, I still cannot get my book budget to balance, and it is a muggy, muggy day. Blah.
  • We had about 15 people come for our movie showing of Tangled.
  • Now I have THREE separate numbers for my book budget and none of them match. ARGHHH.
  • Great Storywagon with Chris Fascione. I've been thinking "argh, small numbers" but then I count and realize "Wait a minute, 70 people is GREAT" I just got used to an extra 50 kids that a daycare brought last year.
  • Last year I had about 5 kids for my Twilight party with henna. This year I called it "Body Art" and advertised jewelry and henna...and at the last minute remembered that I told my aide her cousin, Joye, could come and do nails. It was a HUGE SUCCESS and we had 20 teen girls (well, 11 and up). We had a few hiccups - I ended up with only one henna applicator, which was a problem and some of the girls got kind of tired of waiting their turn. But once the girls saw Joy's amazing nail art, they all wanted some! And one of our moms who is expert at henna showed up (she told me to call her last year and I FORGOT) so we had someone to actually do the henna. We were nowhere near quitting when it hit 8pm closing time, so we stayed. I finally said we had to end at 9pm and shooed everyone out!
  •  Everything felt a little off kilter today, b/c I was at work so late last night. About 55 people for Lego Building Club.
  • 28 people for Preschool Interactive! It's going to be a big letdown to go back to school year numbers after the summer we're having... 
  • Eh. It was Friday. I've nearly finished the rest of my Preschool Interactive plans for the summer, just have a couple flannelboards to finish.

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    Ms. Yingling said...

    Whew! You deserve some rest this weekend! Going from teens to preschool students... I am in awe. Plus the random surprises... it will give you something that makes you feel better when all of the children are back in school and you are feeling "lonely"!