Friday, August 12, 2011

Girl Stolen by April Henry [SPOILERS]

Someone passed me this ARC earlier last year, and I sat down to skim it...and was immediately caught up in the lightning-fast action and tense atmosphere.

Cheyenne is sleeping in the car while her stepmother gets medicine for her pneumonia. Suddenly, the car is stolen and Cheyenne along with it. Griffin just needed the car for his dad, he hadn't meant to kidnap anybody. But he did. Now things are getting complicated fast - Griffin's dad finds out that Cheyenne's dad is wealthy, his men have a grudge against the rich girl who's had everything they haven't, and Griffin is, as he has always been, helpless before his dad's anger.

And Cheyenne is blind. Still trying to accept the accident that took her sight and her mom, Cheyenne has to draw even more on her inner strength to survive yet another ordeal.

This is a fast-moving thriller with deftly drawn characters and plenty of excitement, drama, and mystery.

Verdict: Hand this one to teens - male and female - who like tightly plotted thrillers and are fans of Gail Giles and Todd Strasser.

ISBN: 9780805090055; Published October 2010 by Henry Holt; ARC passed on from another librarian last summer.

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