Saturday, August 6, 2011

This week at the library; or, or, or, second to last week of summer reading


  • Last week I redid the entire set up of the storyroom for the movie Howl's Moving Castle and nobody came. This week I put out a few chairs and 20 people showed up. I also had parents complain (after the fact of course, when I couldn't do anything about it) that some kids were "too noisy" and "licked all the frosting off the cookies." more unsupervised movies? So, no more movies?
  • Program meeting - can I run Make it and Take it every week through the fall with only 200 left in my program and supply budget? Stay tuned....
  • Lots of volunteers showed up today.
  • I left at 2, since I had cancelled the evening book club (only one person checked out the book) and I had a meeting in Chicago at 6:30.

  • Picked up Sara-the-librarian from the next town and went to Michael Sullivan's talk on Connecting Boys With Books. It wasn't really anything I wasn't already familiar with - boys' brains develop slower/differently, lexiles suck, and kids should read what they want. While I can't do any of the school-related programs he suggests (and yeah, I get that it doesn't cost anything in the way of supplies, but when you're the only children's librarian and are doing collection development, reference/reader's advisory, publicity, and a minimum of 3 programs a week, time = money) some of his suggestions did spark off for me ideas on how to change Make it and Take it for the coming year. More later.
  • Got back barely in time for our afternoon program, Remnants of the Rainforest with Dino Tlachac of Natures Niche. If you ever have the opportunity to get this guy, DO IT. Our most successful program this year, nearly 200 people came, he was amazing, helped with setup, the kids loved him, the parents loved him, and the animals were seriously cool, everything from a Mata-Mata to a Guinea Pig!
  • We're just going to forget about that evening on the desk. It was a looooong day.
  • Sigh. Summer is over and my Preschool Interactive group drastically shrunk. Lots of my fave little girls are gone; summer visitors have returned home, teacher's kids are back in daycare, etc. etc. Sniff. Only about 8 girls today (and a couple boys for part of the program, but for some reason I ended up with a very female group this year)
  • Trying to do all the last-minute planning for all our final programs next week and start thinking seriously about the fall. 


Kelly J. said...

Thanks for setting up everything with Dino. He was a huge huge huge hit here, too. I would definitely have him back.

(Is it wrong the cockroaches were my favorite thing?)

Ms. Yingling said...

just had a thought with my own public librarian-- I'd love to have her do book talks, but I have about 30 classes a week. I'm going to see if she'll post a three to five minute talk on teacher tube, then I can bring it up whenever I want. maybe this would work for you, too.

Jennifer said...

It is so, so wrong Kelly (-:)

Booktalks on Teacher Tube definitely sound cool! There's a school librarian that creates her own book trailers *trying to remember*...ah, she might have some cool ideas too!

Anonymous said...

Love love reqdin about your weeks. And same on progrqmme set up. Last week only had 3 teens, so this week set up for smaller crowd and had none kids come which is for our tiny tiny program room one short of full house. Next week we are doing ugly..hoping for a full house and maybe even an overflowing one! Enjoy the last two weeks of src.