Friday, September 16, 2011

Gear School by Adam Gallardo, Nuria Peris, Sergio Sandoval and Estudio Fenix

After reading this, I wondered if there was a movie or video game it was based on, since I felt that I was missing something the whole time. I dug around a bit and apparently Gear School is some kind of movie in Spain?

Anyways. In this graphic novel, Teresa is in a military academy learning to fly giant war plane/ship thingies called Gears. She is really, really bad at this. However, she keeps trying, sticks to her friend Moira who comes from a poor background, and has a crush on a student named Ben. Then it's time for her first real flight...and suddenly she's in a war she isn't ready for.

There was lots of action, and the art is clear and has nice lines - very animated, although only slightly anime, if you know what I mean. Several things that bugged me about this - I whipped through and read it very fast, and then realized that although I'd enjoyed reading it, I really didn't have much of an idea what was going on, either with Teresa or the war. We find out she's from a high class family in one brief exchange with another student and she's apparently in some kind of military academy, but we don't know anything about the world she's in - or her crush, Ben, or even much about Moira who's supposed to be her best friend.

I learned more about the background from the back of the book than the story itself. Which is where I found out she's supposed to be thirteen. Uh, no way. She's...well-endowed, to put it mildly, which some thirteen year olds are, but her face and body structure say at least twenty to me - and ALL the girls are equally well-endowed as well as being anorexically thin. This annoyed me.

Verdict: I enjoyed it while I was zipping through, but then realized that there wasn't much to set the story apart from any other "well-endowed girls in tight clothes shooting big guns" comic. Pass.

ISBN: 9781593078546; Published October 2007 by Dark Horse; Borrowed from the library

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