Saturday, September 10, 2011

This week at the library; or, The beginning of the madness

We had Monday off - I spent most of the day reading, sleeping, and checking up on the various members of my family, down in the Texas wildfires. We're all ok, but many people have lost everything. Thankfully, the wind seems to be dying down so hopefully it will rain soon and they'll get the fires under control.

Tuesday - Toddler storytime started back up, kind of a small group but that will change soon I am sure! I spent most of the afternoon at a system committee meeting on our summer reading program. We're going to adopt a summer reading log adapted from Marge Loch-Wouters' program at La Crosse and I am very excited!

Wednesday - Preschool Interactive is now on Wednesday! Today I used the first plan here, except that Fuddles didn't arrive! so we read The New Bear At School by Carrie Weston. Note to self - request materials earlier. Happily, there were only a few families who came expecting baby storytime, and they both had older children as well, so it worked out. One mom had a good idea - we did fingerpaint and some of the parents aren't comfortable with their really little ones trying it (although in my experience kids under 3 almost never stick their whole hand in - just finger tips) I had left markers out to do nametags at the beginning of the program and she took her little girl over to that table and just did markers while the rest painted. A small thing, but I am making a note to have a "non-messy" table as often as possible so parents with multiple ages will feel comfortable. As far as attendance...I was really worried that we were going to drop back down, after my very successful summer, but we had several summer regulars return, several new families, and the promise of more (schools were closed on Monday, so all our local preschools did extra sessions today) so I had about 20, kids and parents. Yay!

But only 15 at Lego Building Club - I think it will pick up again when school's been running longer.

I am now working Thursday nights instead of Wednesday nights, which will be nice since the Daisy Scouts are going to be here Thursday nights. It's also nice that I wasn't here this Wednesday for the Urine Incident (I was here for the last one, it's someone else's turn! and this was an adult one anyways so...)

Thursday - Very short day as I had a meeting this morning and didn't get back until 3pm. My evening was blessedly urine-free. I never get to see how baby storytime goes since I don't work that morning though )-:

Friday - another half day, since I'm working tomorrow. A pretty good group for toddlers, I think it will just take people a little while to come back as always after a break. Very busy morning on the desk!

Saturday - busy. busy busy busy. Questions included...where are the books on writing a business plan? adult mysteries? automotive manuals? what is my library card number? what is my pin? why can't I get on the internet? how do i place a hold? *chat with teacher about the class she's bringing soon* can i have a guest pass *pause to listen to political diatribe from patron* I also do a lot of roving reference on saturdays, so plenty of pouncing on bemused patrons wandering around.

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