Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week at the library; or, interesting expeditions

My last week of freedom...I love programming, but having a few weeks off reminds me of just how many things are left undone while I'm going, going, going during the programming semesters. Alas, those stacks of paper will have to wait, hopefully I'll get to them before they engulf me completely.

Monday - the usual flurry of Monday morning on the desk, still working on missing lists from the inventory, I nearly screamed the roof down when I realized some bloated tick of a human had STOLEN the ENTIRE list of Cinda Williams Chima's works. No wonder they were always gone when I went to grab them off the shelf for booktalking. They've been missing since January! At least, that's when they last checked out. Not surprised to see that Sonya Sones has been stolen again though...spent most of the afternoon at a lengthy staff meeting. We still have a lot to discuss about the library redesign and budgeting, but we got through a lot of stuff as well. I was excited to be contacted by another teacher from Lakeland School, which is the special education school for the whole county. I now have two groups planning visits, which we've never done before! It will be something new for everybody and I'm very relieved that the teachers are going to help me out in working out the best way to do this, since the kids are all at very different developmental stages.

Tuesday - working a later shift today, so I drifted through the early morning, poked all my friends with some interesting personal news which involves a meticulously and delicately planned trip at the end of September, did a little grocery shopping, wrote some reviews, and floated into work around 11. The county fair is starting tomorrow, so we have an influx of people wanting guest passes - always interesting to see the different ids and passports. So far this year I've had Poland, Ukraine, Korea, and I think Germany? and New Jersey. Found a book in which a child had scribbled liberally with the parent (presumably) coated it with whiteout to hide the marks. Um...ok...lots more work on planning preschool storytimes, creating flannelboards (I'm going to post them on pintrest soon) and then covered the desk so our director could make an appearance at the volunteer ice cream social, first time we've tried it, and I hear it was a success.

Wednesday - I left at 7 to drive to Skokie to attend the Illinois Performers Showcase. Lots of interesting acts ranging from the "oh noes they didn't!" to the "wow, but we could never afford them". I was personally enamored of the Beatles impersonators...Got back around 6:30.

Thursday - drove down to Racine to use their large die cut collection in the morning. Hot. Very, very hot. My car has no a/c. Did I mention it was hot?

Friday - last day! Frantic finishing of programming, cleaning off desk, etc. etc. etc.

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