Friday, October 14, 2011

Cybils Nominations

Woo, pretty much everything I listed got nominated! Yay!

Easy Readers
*My nomination: Ponies by Laura Marsh*

Early Chapters
*My nomination: Princess Posey and the Perfect Present by Stephanie Greene*

Fantasy/Science Fiction
Middle Grade
*My nomination: Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon*

Young Adult
*My nomination: Small persons with wings by Ellen Booraem* (Could be MG or YA, probably closer to MG, but I really wanted to do a Dragonbreath...yep, it got moved to MG)

Fiction Picture Book
Hocus Pocus by Sylvie Desrosiers 978-1554535774
In the meadow by Yukiko Kato 978-1592701087
**My nomination: Seasons by Anne Crausaz*

Graphic Novel
Elementary/Middle Grade
*My nomination: Mal and Chad by Stephen McCranie

Young Adult
*My nomination: My boyfriend is a monster: Made for each other by Evonne Tsang*

Middle Grade Fiction
Melonhead and the undercover operation by Katy Kelly 978-0385736596
Tink by Bodil Bredsdorff 978-0374312688
*My nomination: Calli be gold by Michele Hurwitz*

Nonfiction Picture Books (come on folks, pick me lots and lots of good books to read!)
Grasslands by Cathryn Sill 978-1561455591
*My nomination: Hatch! by Roxie Munro*

Middle Grade/Young Adult Nonfiction
Dreadful fates by Tracey Turner 978-1554536443
*Start it up by Kenrya Rankin*

*can never really think of anything for this - I think I bought maybe 1 poetry book for the library last year*

Young Adult Fiction
*My Nomination: Chasing AllieCat by Rebecca Davis*


Ms. Yingling said...

I was very close to nominating the Paulsen books. They were such a fantastic surprise. I just was not expecting such funny books from Paulsen.

Roxie said...

Thank you so much for the Cybils nomination, Jennifer! I (and my publisher) am thrilled!

Jennifer said...

It's a great book Roxie! My storytime kids have loved it and I just took it over to our preschool this week.