Friday, October 21, 2011

Read Scary: My boyfriend is a monster: Made for each other by Paul Storrie, illustrated by Eldon Cowgur

Marie is dealing with a series of painful tragedies. Her parents have been killed in a car crash and she's living with her blind aunt. Then three girls at her school are also killed. But she has her music, she's dealing with it, everything is fine. Until she meets Tom. He's a new student too and even more mysterious than she is. They have an instant attraction and Marie starts thinking life may not be so bad after all...until she discovers Tom's grisly secret and there's a sudden increase of deaths in the sleepy small town.

Is Tom her true love? Or is he a monster inside as well as outside?

This black and white graphic novel is a fast-paced, often funny, irreverent mixture of horror and romance. There's no time for the reader to roll their eyes at the paranormal cliche of instant attraction, because immediately afterwards the bodies start piling up. Marie's calm acceptance of her new boyfriend's grisly (one might even say disgusting) origins is a little hard to swallow, but with events happening right and left we aren't given time to think about the holes in the story. And it's FUN! Funeral jokes, true lurrvve, zombies, monsters, mad scientists, and more all mixed up in one wacky package that will have the reading on the edge of their seat one moment and sawing "awwwww" the next.

Verdict: Fans of paranormal romance, horror, and humor will love these quick bite graphic novels. Perfect for a fast, fun read with some shivers down the spine. Strongly recommended for your teen graphic novel section.

ISBN: 9780761356011; Published April 2011 by Lerner; ARC received from publisher at ALA Midwinter; Purchased whole series for the library

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