Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week at the library; or, knee-deep in reviews

I am deeply immersed in reading and reviewing for the Cybils (reviews will start posting soon), completely reorganizing and editing my blog (I'm up to December 2008 so far!) and lots of other fun stuff. So, very briefly...

Make it and Take it on Tuesday - meh. I killed this program by taking it to twice a month instead of weekly. But weekly was just impossible - too much work, too much publicity, too much money for crafts and projects. Oh well. A couple kids wandered in, then some middle schoolers wandered in. We ended up with two paintings (the actual craft) and a bunch of shark's teeth necklaces (the middle schoolers remembered this from last time and wanted to fiddle with them again)

Preschool Interactive on Wednesday - had a good, big group. Will be posting storytime plans in the future as part of my blog revamp.

Messy Art Club on Wednesday. Slightly larger group than we've had before this fall. Moving Wednesday afternoons to 4pm (although this was what all the parents asked for) has NOT worked. We'll go back to 3:30 in January. I had a lot of people who didn't know each other and didn't want to, so it was depressingly quiet. I'm going to play background music in the future.

Scary Storytime/Mask Making/Scary movie marathon on Friday
Tons of kids for scary storytime - I will do this again with better publicity. I had expected the toddlers from the regular Friday morning storytime, but I got a lot of prek through 2nd grade and should have had scarier stories. About 50 people by the time we got to mask making.

I planned a movie showing because my director thought we'd have a new screen and system installed. Of course, we didn't. Had about 10 people for Max and Ruby, about 5 for Monster House, which stopped playing. A couple for Nightmare before Christmas who left partway through. A couple more when it was almost over, so I restarted it. and I cancelled the last movie, Scary Godmother, and went home since there was no one there.

Now I'm going to get back to reviewing and cooking and doing laundry and dishes and more blog revamping and tidying my porch garden for the winter and sewing and reviewing and....

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