Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week at the library; or, The secret to teen programming

Monday was Monday. I was happy Miss Pattie was able to do evening storytime after all, so I didn't have to come back tonight.

Tuesday. I have discovered the secret to teen programming - having someone other than me doing it. We had about 14 people at our Twilight party, evenly divided between adult and teen fans. Fun! And our Friend Katie did most of the work!

Wednesday. HUGE preschool interactive! I think at least 35 people, maybe 40! Small Lego Building Club.

Thursday. Came in late to work, spent the morning and early part of the afternoon getting my friend Sara The Librarian to drive me back and forth trying to junk my wrecked car. Ended up having to buy a replacement title because I couldn't find mine.

Friday. My internet provider goes out of business. Why can nobody offer simple, affordable internet service? This is my THIRD ip in three years.

Can I pleeeeease skip November next year?

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