Monday, December 26, 2011

Nonfiction Monday

Please leave your links in the comments and I will add them throughout the day. It may take a little while to get them up - I don't have internet in my new apartment yet, so have to keep running upstairs to borrow Sara The Librarian's internet...

As it seemed to work well last time, I've arranged the posts by Dewey number, more or less.

500s: Math and Science (Animals, Physics)
600s: Applied Technology (Inventions)
700s: Arts and Entertainment (Artists, Art)
900s: History (Biography)


nonfictiondetectives said...

Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday, Jennifer. The Nonfiction Detectives have a review of Just a Second by Steve Jenkins.

The Swimmer Writer said...

For a book on World War II I recommend Sky High: The True Story
of Maggie Gee. Please visit my post on this topic for more information:

Anonymous said...

I have A Buttefly is Patient:
Thank you for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting today, Jennifer! I have Winter Colors as my Picture Book of the Day and Van Gogh as my Chapter Book of the Day over at Booktalking.

Anonymous said...

I love they way you organized NF Monday. Great idea!