Saturday, December 10, 2011

This week at the library; or, Everything happens at once

Yes, my blog is still under construction. When I enthusiastically started reworking and reorganizing it, I didn't expect to lose all internet access (or have to get a new car, or decide to move to a different town over Christmas, get the idea). Anyways, I hopefully will have internet again as of January and then all sorts of beautiful things will happen! I hope.

Got our new magboxes up in the teen area on Monday, I'm really, really hoping the kids don't break them! Pictures at the end! The sheer craziness of this week can barely be expressed. I am basically trying to do about six different things at once, 24/7. I went to a community meeting about one of the parochial schools on Monday evening, which brought my total of evenings worked up to 3 this week, last Preschool Interactive of the year Wednesday morning and Christmas ornaments at Messy Art Club in the afternoon (note to self - check tubs for glitter leakage next time! Plastic tubs, not cardboard!), more paperwork for my new apartment Thursday morning, and cookie decorating on Saturday, which thankfully staff stepped up to the plate and helped out with making extra frosting and cookies! Planning and publicity for next year, which all has to be done NOW (people are already asking about January!) summer stuff that just has to be done - book sorting, because I'm going to a Scholastic Warehouse sale next week, and a massive weeding and shifting of the picture books. Also looking at a possible new vendor (Noooo! I love BWI Titletales and I do NOT like this new one. But my my director will let me stay with BWI, since I order children's separately! Yay! Love BWI!)

Oh, and cookie decorating went great, very popular, and I had enough of everything!

Hamster brain!! (this is when your brain keeps going around and around and around and SQUEAKS)

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Ms. Yingling said...

Once again, thank you for making my hectic days seem like a nap in a hammock! Be strong.