Saturday, December 17, 2011

This week at the library; or, last programs!

Monday morning was pretty quiet, other than the five people calling for items left at the library over the weekend, so I was able to go over my order lists, draft a grant, start laying out programming for next year, update the online publicity, and run through some final Cybils titles for order lists. We had a staff meeting in the afternoon, review of the weeding cart, new staff, and some tidying of the Storyroom. I stayed late to finish all my Cybils reviews and statistics. Yay! Total time at work: 8:30am to 6:00pm

Tuesday I left about 8:15 and went to the hardware store to pick up masking tape, which I needed for our big program. I set up the room, met the performers, ushered in classes from the daycare, talked to moms, and by 10am we were set for Kohls Wild Theater - we had about 150 people, included 100 kids from a local preschool/daycare. It was a blast - if you're in the vicinity of this program, go for it! Great program, great performers, and the kids and parents loved it. Then I reset the room (sort of) and started frantically restocking my decimated displays, a couple hours on the desk, took some stuff over to the school, ran home for something to eat, set up the Storyroom for my last program, cleaned up glitter left from previous programs, back to displays, final program - our last Make it and Take it *sniff* we made glitter pinecones, glitter snowmen, and pompoms.

Wednesday I showed up...rather late for work. Got caught up writing reviews at home. We had another cookie decorating program, run by Miss Pattie, and another informal "what are we going to do about those kids!" meeting. Argh! Middle schoolers, you are not doing a good job of convincing anyone you should be allowed in the library! Displays, publicity, program planning, and more chortling over the Lift the Flap Human Body book.

Thursday - marketing and publicity for January/February and more and more and more and more and more book bundles. I can't keep up! Received a package from Better World Books and couldn't figure out who was sending me books, until I realized duh, Ms. Yingling!! Thank you!!

Friday - more publicity and a trip to Milwaukee to a Scholastic Warehouse sale.

Saturday - the publicity continues, as do the computer questions.

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