Saturday, December 31, 2011

This week at the library; or, No post-holiday let-down here!

We were closed on Monday, and I utilized the time figuring out how to fit all my bookshelves into my new (smaller) apartment. Hmmm. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Fortunately, my upstairs neighbor, Sara The Librarian, needs bookshelves...

Tuesday - held off the post-holiday letdown (not that I actually celebrated the holiday, but whatever) by spending $2,000 on books. Yay! Sent my January order early, b/c I will need lots of new books for a program, and ordered lots of new nonfiction from Bearport! Also had a staff meeting and we decided, sadly, that middle schoolers not actually "using" the library will be asked to leave. No more hanging out at the library. Sigh.

Wednesday - suddenly realized exactly how I will run my new program, the Elephant and Piggie Club. Trying to plan programs in between end of year magazine weeding, new books, etc. etc.

Thursday - Finished cleaning my old apartment, still trying to get internet for my new apartment (insert shrieks of massive annoyance and much moaning and rage), got visited by a preview company (even when I reluctantly buy stuff, I really, really dislike these companies in general. A couple of the salesguys are ok, but in general - one of the things I hate about my job is dealing with this. Would like a large sign "I DO NOT BUY FROM PREVIEW COMPANIES" to hang over my desk)

Short week! I celebrated New Year's by continuing to unpack, going to Ikea, and starting work on cleaning up my blog and LibraryThing catalog, both much neglected since my loss of internet in November. I am cautiously optimistic about the internet I have gotten from US Cellular...beware company, if you fail me a children's librarian's curse will fall upon your head!

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Ms. Yingling said...

Once you get all settled in the apartment, it will be a great way to start the new year! Hope it's a great one!