Saturday, March 10, 2012

This week at the library; or, Words fail me

Well, they don't exactly fail me, I just don't want to title a post "the week that began with vomit."

Monday - aforementioned vomit, publicity, staff meeting, still cleaning up from Friday's Seuss party. Art teachers started setting up the schools' art show.

Tuesday - spent most of the morning taking publicity around to various schools and making an unscheduled stop to diagnose the strange rattling in my car. Then I had a lengthy meeting with Miss Pattie to pin down details about upcoming programs and brainstorm ideas for the rest of the year.

Wednesday - Preschool Interactive, I'm so excited that the little boy who's been watching and listening from outside the room for a year finally decided to come in and join us today! Diagnosis of the rattling in my car - I ran over a phantom object (because I don't remember running over anything) and bent something. Weird. Lego club!

Thursday - picked up cookies for the art show tonight. Started working on supply lists for the rest of the spring, which necessitates planning the rest of the craft and art projects for the rest of the spring. Elephant and Piggie Club - I have drifted downwards from my high ambitions and am now just reading fun stories for half an hour, doing a craft, and supervising puppets. We:
  • sang Sunny Day (had some younger kids who really loved the song)
  • read Can I play too? by Mo Willems (much giggling)
  • read Manana Iguana by Ann Whitford Paul
  • talked about how people tell the same folktales all over the world
  • read Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley
  • read the Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett
  • read Arghhh! Spider! by Lydia Monks
  • made Piggie masks (I blew up a picture I found on the Elephant and Piggie website)
  • played with the puppet theater (it got a little out of hand, b/c I had some unsupervised kids drop in. Still have no idea where their parents were.)
The elementary schools' art show opened tonight, so there were vast hordes of people. I love having the art show here because we get a lot of people who don't usually come to the library and aren't aware of what we have to offer. Plus, the art is cool. They've got some chalk leaf paintings that I am seriously loving. Also, it was Daisy Scout night. Also, a coach brought part of his softball team over - their playing area wasn't available so he remembered the library as being pretty empty in the evening. Ha ha ha. Several other incidents occurred. It was a busy, not always fun, but definitely busy, evening.

Friday Half day because I'm working tomorrow - still planning out my crafts/art projects and supply lists and budget.

Saturday Crazy, as always. Got to work early to try to get some extra work done. Didn't happen. Oh well.

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