Saturday, May 19, 2012

This week at the library; or, Everything happened so fast it's like nothing happened at all

This was an insane week. In fact, it was so insane that I suddenly realized on Friday I hadn't noted anything I'd done (I usually type out a few notes each day). So, highlights of the week:

Staff meeting. Always scintillating.

Interviews with three potential temp summer aides (picked somebody on Friday)

Kindergarten visit - they strongly objected to me using a different tune for Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. They demonstrated the "right" tune (which is kinda a rap song. I hate rap. I also dislike the facial expressions that accompany it. They are not any cuter on kindergarteners imo)

Very small group at our last Lego Club of the spring session. I expect attendance to go up in the summer and hope that changing the day won't kill the program.

The chicks went to the farm. Thankfully. They're only cute the first couple days. Two weeks was waaaay too long.

Testing the new front desk - I'm not really comfortable there and will be glad when I have the schedule ironed out and I can settle back in the children's area with only my evening, weekend, and occasional shifts at the front.

Some guy on the phone wanting me to psychically come up with the name of a specific medical person in a big city an hour away from here (You can see the lake out of their window! Just tell me the name and I'll know it! Um....)

Saw the teens on the security camera batting a balloon back and forth. That's an awfully thin balloon..with a weird protuberance...oh heck! Hasty dash upstairs, confiscation of *cough* "balloon".

Big thank you card from all the elementary schools for hosting Battle of the Books.


Ms. Yingling said...

As always, your week was more insane than mine, which is saying a LOT. I wish that I could come and volunteer at your library over the summer, but the commute is a bit much! Hope you get a little rest this weekend. At least it's never boring in your world!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I don't of the reasons I chose to focus on public libraries when I went to graduate school was I had interned in a high school library and didn't think I could make it in a school library. You guys work like crazy! Nope, boring it is not...