Saturday, May 5, 2012

This week at the library; or, I am still sick

That's about all I have to say...I took off any time I wasn't at a program or on the desk and worked from home. Siiiiiiick.

Monday - Staff meeting. The chicks are not hatching! Why?

Tuesday - Battle of the Books. The elementary school librarians came Monday night to set up. We spread things out a little since they were badly cramped last year, and we also picked Tuesday when we could use the Community Room instead of the lobby. I let the volunteers and students in early (last year illicit people sneaked in. Tsk. Tsk.) and kept an eye on things until the successful conclusion. The chicks started hatching! I went home early to work on planning storytimes and programming.

Wednesday  - Only three programs! Phew. Preschool Interactive, Early Head Start visit, and Lego Club. I had promised I'd try some bilingual books on my own for Head Start, although I don't speak Spanish, and it went pretty well although it would have been better if I'd been able to rehearse the books. Preferably with someone who spoke Spanish. Doing titles with just a few Spanish books works better, at least for me, like Senorita Gordita. Only two Headstart families, but there were still some kids from PI who wanted to hear more  stories and some late arrivals who were delighted that they hadn't missed storytime after all. More chicks hatched!

Thursday - Just came in for my evening desk time. Not as many chicks hatched as we had hoped - only 3 out of nearly 40 eggs! We need to get a digital thermometer apparently. The egg donor brought in a brown paper bag full of chicks to supplement ours. They are very fluffy...

Friday - Desk in the morning. Then went home. Still feel Siiiiiick.

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