Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week at the library; or, Vacation, really?

I finished all the publicity on Monday and Tuesday. Yay me! Except the giant posterboard I need to take to the summer school (after I use it at the grocery store). But that's mostly done. I do need to make the jpegs for our new tv screen less wordy, but I am NOT rewriting them (did you hear that Angela? NOT). I also got most of the supply orders sent, although I still need a trip to Walmart, and various other random items.

Handled a major hitch in the summer reading log printing, which ended up with me going to the printers around 8am on Wednesday, then back to the library, then a very large final storytime at 10am, then I cleaned off my desk (it was covered in four foot piles and boxes. remarks were being made) then a small Messy Art Club to make kites.

This list is snickering quietly at me, "do you REALLY think you can get this done in two weeks whilst visiting five schools, doing desk time, making fifteen flannelboards, and cleaning out the storyroom, storage closet, and your office shelves so you can get to the summer stuff?" I can only try...

I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, it's not my Saturday to work, and we're closed Monday so I have a nice long break...if I can restrain myself from working. I do have to go in at some point and finish getting ready for school visits though, since I have one on Tuesday at 9am and I am NOT ready! [I went in Friday to just get some stuff but somebody had to drive over to the next town and pick up the summer reading logs and take them back and nobody was there because it was Friday and there was stuff and...whatever...]

So far I have used my vacation to: Redo my blog, various bits of shopping, plants some pots, and Saturday I'm going to Ikea.

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