Saturday, May 12, 2012

This week at the library; or, WAPL

I just love the way that sounds. WaaaaPL. WAPllll. WAPlll.

Monday - Computers were completely haywire, one of the chicks died, I arrived 30 minutes early to set up our Children's Book Week program (total stealth program - people write titles of books on a bulletin board and get a sticker and we try to make it up to 1,000 books), I went through applications for my summer temp aide, organized and sent my May book order, cleaned a ton of donations off my desk, helped people with the copier, put out new books, went over summer displays, and updated publicity, all before 2:30pm at which time I went home because A. I had forgotten to bring any lunch and B. I am working on Saturday. Called people for interviews when I got home, went to pick up comics for the library, realized I had forgotten the petty cash, and applied for an ALSC committee.

Tuesday - Came in a little later (again, working Saturday) and set up a Maurice Sendak display. Worked on publicity and book bundles. I cannot keep up, they are so popular!

Wednesday - Storytime, had some problems with chatty moms which I will deal with...later. More book bundles. Lakeland School visited and we read stories, played with the trains, and looked at the chicks. I talked to the teacher about changes we'll need to make next year when she will have some nonverbal children and some who need more structure. More book bundles. Messy Art Club with twirling ladybugs, which I used in storytime a few weeks ago and originally got from Make and Takes. Once it was well started, I left it in the hands of my aide and took off with our adult svs librarian and cataloger on the three hour drive for WAPL.

Thursday - I convinced my colleagues to skip the keynote (shoes vs. copyright - no contest, even though I hate shoe shopping. Besides, her shoe was BROKEN. It was an emergency!) Then the sessions started! I went to an AWESOME session on Exploration Station with Ashley Thiem-Menning from Appleton. Exactly what I needed to get started on the planning for my We Explore program in the fall and to revitalize my Messy Art Club. I skipped the luncheon speaker to check out the nearby bookstore (yeah, I don't do well with featured speakers). Then I went to a session on Technology with Kids and Teens - got an idea for an inexpensive media room. I attended a session on Easy and Fun Crafts to do with Adults by Annie Bahringer from Port Washington - best use of PowerPoint in the whole conference I think! I covered this one for our adults svs librarian. Then we visited a huge craft outlet/warehouse (new yarn!) and went for a long walk.

Friday - Our cataloger and I talked the adult svs librarian into getting up very early to go fudging! Alas, we were bitterly disappointed to discover that the promised fudge was no longer sold at the advertised venue. However, despite the lack of fudge, it was another awesome day since it started with a session on Stealth Programming with Amanda Struckmeyer and Marge Loch-Wouters. I am all revved up to do 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten this fall now and the ideas flowed vigorously! I thought Ashley Thiem-Menning's presentation yesterday was so great, I changed my plans and went to her second presentation on Taking Your Summer Library Program on the Road along with another Appleton librarian, Ellen Jepson. I can't do much with outreach of course, since there is only one of me, but I was really interested in their summer reading program for daycares which I think is something I could implement in the future.

Saturday - Fairly busy. Did quite a long bit of readers' advisory, kinda gave up on the 1,000 Book Challenge. This was a totally lame program. I admit it. They can't all be amazing, right? I'll do something different next year. On the bright side, the computers did not break down and the thirty seniors that I agreed to let use our teen room to plan their senior prank are coming NEXT Saturday, so it won't be me who deals with them! (they promised me they were going to be "very quiet")

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