Saturday, June 30, 2012

This week at the library; or, Sailing into calmer waters

Monday went by fast, from staff meeting to Tiny Tots storytime.

     I did toddlers 'n' Books for Miss Pattie. This was one of the better programs - they're usually awkward and chaotic. We had some Jim Gill music with shakers to start, then I made some announcements and was going to read a story but the kids were NOT ready - so we sang Elizabeth Mitchell's Sunny Day a few times to calm everyone down. Then we read Edward Gibbs' I spy under the sea, then Ashley Wolff's Bear Sees Blue with flannelboard, then we stood up and sang the animals in the ocean, then we read Giles Andraea's Pop-up commotion in the ocean and then we made octopuses with paper plates and crepe streamers.

     Our first Storywagon was successful! We had a magician, The Great Scott (Scott Obermann) and the kids loved his funny show and magic tricks. And all the magic books I had collected checked out! We've been having some disappointing numbers for Storywagon, so the 100+ count was a great relief! The a/c is working, which makes up for the electricians turning all the lights off and going to lunch...
Wednesday - Preschool Interactive. Busy.

Thursday - Super hot, but the a/c at the library has been fixed! The Community Room was beyooootifully cold! Even though about 60 people showed up for Lego Club.

Friday - still busy

Saturday - even busier

So, my attendance total for June is 1,058 (this doesn't include Miss Pattie's storytimes) and we have over 300 kids participating in summer reading and almost all of them are turning bookmarks in every week! There has been a little confusion with people thinking that they have to return bookmarks during the week printed on them, but not enough that I want to change this part of the program.

Also, our circulation for the month of June is well over 20,000. We've had 20,000 months before, but not quite as big as this. To those who say libraries are becoming obsolete, I say words of scorn. Very un-children's librarian-like words of scorn.

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