Saturday, July 28, 2012

This week at the library; or, It's still hot

A little bit of news first - I've created a new blog for my snippet posts, Flying Off My Bookshelf. If you want to measure how fast I read and see random reactions to everything from board books to adult fiction, take a peek. I'll be gradually moving those posts over to the new blog.

Monday - I cleaned off my desk! Had a staff meeting, met with our tech services librarian to plan a teen book club for the fall, and worked the desk in the evening.

Tuesday - A fairly busy morning at the children's desk, then 120 people came for our last Storywagon - a sort of bubble/science program. I was scheduled at the front desk afterwards, but our tech services librarian showed up, so I went back to the children's desk because quite a few of the 120 people were still milling about. Worked on cutting down my August order list (started out $1500 over budget. Got it down to only $200 over) and various other things. Both my desks are practically clean now! Went home and answered emails.

Wednesday - Had an unusually quiet and attentive group for Preschool Interactive. I was not surprised when many of them asked for brushes to go with the glitter fingerpaint! Spent quite a while before and after storytime talking with parents - gist of conversation, they love us and we are awesome. Continued to work through my backlog of papers, projects, and plans.

Thursday - Still cleaning out backlog on desk. Started poking at backlog on computer. Lego Club (medium attendance of about 45) was enlivened by a suspected gas leak, so we had to open all the outer doors just in case, and then of course there was a torrential downpour. However, all of the younger children found standing at the open doors to see the rain a fascinating pastime, so it worked out ok.

Friday - Worked until about 11:30, then walked over to do my stint at the Friends of the Library tent for our town's summer festival. You don't get to pick where the tent is and this one was in the full sun. The temperature was in the 80s, but it felt like way more than that, standing in direct sun for an hour and a half. Happily, my relief showed up early, I walked back to the library and got her some water, and then left to return home and drink copious amounts of water and scrape off the sunscreen I borrowed (but still managed to get sunburned)

Saturday - Yay, working Saturday. The air-conditioning wasn't working. It wasn't too busy, everyone was over at the summer festival. What is left to say?

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