Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's happening this fall?

We had a massive program planning meeting on Monday, laying out the schedule through next December. This is what my schedule looks like, roughly:
  • Monday - Afternoon, staff meetings and stuff. Evening, information desk.
  • Tuesday - Morning, run registration for Miss Pattie's two sessions of toddler storytime (we're going to limit attendance at the door which is going to be a hard transition for people). Afternoon, children's desk and a few hours on the information desk.
  • Wednesday - Preschool Interactive, early afternoon outreach, late afternoon children's desk and tween/teen herding.
  • Thursday - Morning, outreach while Pattie does baby storytime. 12-2, information desk and after school programs Messy Art Club and Lego Club from 3-5:30
  • Friday - Morning, We Explore (new program that combines storytime and other stuff). Afternoon, depends. Some days I will be at the children's desk, some days at the information desk, or if I'm working Saturday I'll go home. So far, this is what I have lined up for We Explore - fall storytime, monster storytime and costume swap, color storytime with painting, Kohls' Wild Theater, Welty Environmental Center, 3 Healthy Snacking multicultural programs from Miss Pattie, and I'm talking to an education person from the Ice Age Trail, fire chief about doing a fire safety program, appliance store for a big box program, and I still have a few slots to plan storytimes for!
Other stuff in there:
  • Our cataloger is going to do a teen book club once a month on Thursday nights. She did this at her previous library. I'm going to do the publicity for it and hope for the best.
  • Miss Pattie will also be doing her twice monthly evening storytime and a monthly family game night.
  • I already have one daycare signed up for three visits a month - one on Wednesday, two back to back on Thursday - for their 4k classes. I have a remote collection set up with another preschool. I'm hoping to have the biggest preschool bring 100 kids to a couple of our big We Explore programs. I will probably get some school visits/tours from the two elementary schools and possibly the Catholic school and I'm going to make a concerted effort to have them come on Thursdays. 
  • I have 2 special programs, a homeschool meet and greet on a Tuesday evening in September and a cookie decorating program on the last Saturday of the session in December. 
  • We're also going to do 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten starting in September.
This year, I've divided everything into "sessions" and tried to put in natural breaks. So the fall session is September 10 through October 26 (school here starts on the 4th) and then I have a week off (at which time we'll have our huge craft fair fundraiser, which I'm on the committee for this year). The holiday session runs November 5 through December 15, with no programs the week of Thanksgiving.

Then I have system committees and meetings, my ALSC Committee, Cybils I hope!, and whatever additional outreach and projects happen.


Ms. Yingling said...

And, as always, you make my schedule look like I'm sitting around with my feet up. At least I don't have to deal with tiny children.

Jennifer said...

I don't do babies! I'm not really a baby person...I couldn't deal with the school administration and structure. I barely made it through two semesters as an intern in a high school library.

kendra said...

I'm wondering what your "Messy Art Club" looks like. Sounds like a neat program.

Jennifer said...

It's a drop-in, every other week, for 1 1/2 hours. I get kids age 2 - 12. We do something different every time. Some of the things we've done are collage, painting pots and planting seeds, lots of different paint, painting eggs for easter and we're doing quilts tomorrow. I get from around 25-35 people in school year, up to 70 in the summer.