Monday, August 20, 2012

Nonfiction Monday

I am pleased to be hosting Nonfiction Monday on August 20. Leave a link to your post in the comments and I will add them to the Nonfiction Monday round-up throughout the day.

For all you nonfiction fans, now is the time to apply to be a Cybils judge! The nonfiction panels are great places to be, especially the nonfiction picture book panel (hint hint). The process to apply is simple, but make sure you read ALL the instructions!

And now, on to the round-up of amazing nonfiction posts throughout the Kidlitosphere!

400's: Words and Language (and nursery rhymes)
500's: Animals! Space! Math! Science!
600's: Human Body, Disease, (yeah, and the potty training books are next to the cookbooks. Don't ask me why.)
700s: Art, Sports, Dancing, Music and so on
800's: Literature, Poetry, and stuff that isn't really nonfiction but gets a number anyways


Ms. Yingling said...

I have a review of Jim Murphy's Invincible Microbes up at

Jeff Barger said...

Thank you, Jennifer for opening the shop a little early! At NC Teacher Stuff, I have posted a review of UnBEElievables:

Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

Hi Jeanne, thanks so much for having this up early. Deeply appreciated. Here's my link which I am interweaving with "It's Monday what are you Reading" - Paul Janeczko's "Requiem: Poems of the Terezin Ghetto"

Jeanne Walker Harvey said...

Thanks Jennifer for hosting Nonfiction Monday. True Tales & A Cherry On Top features a picture book biography - Words Set Me Free: The Story of Young Frederick Douglass. I thought this book was perfect for posting on Jean Little Library as the book includes a dedication honoring librarians. And I echo that tribute!

shelf-employed said...

I'm featuring a review of The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau today.

Thanks for hosting. I was a Cybils NF Picture Book judge last year. It's a great experience.

nonfictiondetectives said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday. We have a review of A Butterfly's Life on the blog today.

The Nonfiction Detectives (Cathy & Louise)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting today! At SimplyScience, I have Rocks and Minerals by Steve Tomecek, aka The Dirtmeister.


Jennie said...

Thanks for hosting today!!

I have a review of last year's Cybils nominated So You Thought You Couldn't Cut It

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for looking after today's event.
At Apples with Many Seeds I'm looking at Word Images by Ji Lee.

Perogyo said...

Thanks for hosting today Jennifer! I love your call system today. Can you believe that my local library does all the kids' books by author name?

My post today is for the older set, a set of 24 stories about Northern Kids in Canada's history.

Roberta said...

Thanks for hosting today.

I have the lovely picture book biography Baby Flo by Alan Schroeder today at

Anonymous said...

I love the organization! It looks great.

Jennifer said...

Well, I wouldn't say I'm completely in love with Dewey myself, but if given the choice I'd opt for a BISAC or adaptation thereof, not just author names!

Tricia said...

After a long hiatus I'm finally back to blogging and looking forward to reconnecting with the Nonfiction Monday crowd. Today I'm sharing a review of Mark Kurlansky's book WORLD WITHOUT FISH.

Thanks for hosting!

Janet S. said...

Thanks for hosting.
My selection is "Eat your math homework: recipes for hungry minds" written by Ann McCallum and illustrated by Leeza Hernandez.

Cindy Dobrez said...

Bookends Blog is reviewing Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery, with Common Core Standard connections appended.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting! Ironically enough, I am also reviewing a title providing information on Frederick Douglass!

Russell Freedman's newest biography, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship is being reviewed over at Challenging the Bookworm.