Saturday, August 4, 2012

This week at the library; or, Only Two Weeks Left!

Only two weeks left, only two weeks left...the last week is going to be particularly insane, what with the Scholastic Book Fair on top of regular programming and several staff being out (including our director). But I have chocolate! Purchased for me by said awesome director. Also, our just as awesome adult services librarian is going to supervise the marshmallow roasting on the final Saturday. I will reciprocate with pies after everything is done...I have also determined to finish my tr list - the ones on my shelf - before the end of August. There's only 139 titles on there so it's totally do-able. Not like I'm trying to finish the entire to read list with an additional 296 titles...

But meanwhile, there is still this week to get through.

Tuesday was our last big afternoon program. Our Friends paid to have Nature's Niche bring their Remnants of the Rainforest program again this year. Worth every penny, huge turnout, Dino is a great presenter and the kids and parents loved it. Some parents complained last year that it was "too long" and some staff suggested asking that we shorten it, but I just kept repeating, over and over, "Not all programs are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. This programs is open to families and they are welcome to bring little ones, but it is aimed at elementary and older kids and adults." I really emphasized that this year, bringing in David Stokes for the little ones, telling people they might want to hang out in the children's area and just come back over at the end to see and touch after all the talking was over. We fit more people more easily in the room as well, since I did a better set-up than I had before.

A note on my monthly report - I have started tracking the children's circulation and, after four years, it is now equal with the adult circulation! When I came it was a quarter of the adult circulation - and the adult stats have not stood still either, they have been growing constantly as well. All hail my awesome collection development and reader's advisory powers!

Wednesday - Preschool Interactive, various stuff, mildly busy.

Thursday - Tried out my quilt program at Messy Art Club. More on that later.

Friday - Eh. Friday. Still working on fall stuff, I want to have the calendar at least ready by next week.

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